Dan Pastorini was not “booted” from the NFL Alumni

A recent article posted on Dave Pear’s Blog entitled Dan Pastorini gets the boot from George Martin does not accurately reflect what transpired between the NFL Alumni and Dan Pastorini.

I spoke to Dan yesterday and he told me that this whole misunderstanding started when he tried to renew his membership with the NFL Alumni and found that the website would not allow his membership to be processed without checking a box stating “I agree to the Group Licensing Agreement.”

I also contacted the NFL Alumni and spoke to Ron George, the Chief Operating Officer of the NFL Alumni, and he gave me the following recap of the NFL Alumni’s interactions with Dan:

  • On 07/21/11 the National Office received a signed GLA from Mr. Pastorini
  • On 11/7/11 Mr. Pastorini expressed concerns that signing GLA would have an impact on the current lawsuit against the NFL and NFL Films
  • On 11/9/11 the National Office, along with Venable, LLP, responded to Mr. Pastorini’s concerns, stating “In speaking with our legal counsel, the NFLA GLA is specific to licensing retired players’ names and likenesses are not connected with any NFL intellectual property.  Also, the GLA does not give any rights in retired players’ names and likenesses to the NFL. If a retired NFL player signs the NFLA GLA, there is no impact (direct or causal) to the Dryer class-action lawsuit against the NFL and NFL Films.” 
  • On 01/04/12 Mr. Pastorini requested that his membership in the NFL Alumni be terminated, his GLA destroyed and the NFL Alumni not include his name in any licensing initiatives. The National Office provided Mr. Pastorini a full refund of his dues, as well as destroying his GLA, per his wishes. In addition, at that time Mr. Pastorini was informed that membership in the NFL Alumni Association was not predicated on signing the GLA. If Mr. Pastorini wished to continue his membership and not be a part of the GLA, such action would be gladly accepted

Dan told me that based on his discussions with the attorneys representing retired players in the Dryer class action lawsuit, he is still concerned that the NFL Alumni’s GLA could somehow hurt the class action lawsuit.

We disagreed on that issue, but I respect his opinion and told him I appreciate everything he and the other class representatives are trying to do on behalf of retired players.

George Martin clearly understood Dan’s concerns, and that is why he shredded the GLA and sent Dan an email letting him know that they were cancelling his membership. 

Dan was not “booted” from the NFL Alumni as Dave Pear and company would like you to think. Dan initiated the cancellation of his membership with the NFL Alumni. 

Dan also told me that he did not make the statement in his letter that “We don’t want to be paying for George’s new Escalade and we sure don’t want another repeat of Gene Upshaw’s GLA One-for-You-and-One-Million-for-Me deals.” 

Apparently, Dave Pear or Robert Lee took the liberty of attributing that quote to Dan and I think it shows a total lack of journalistic integrity.

Just for the record………George Martin does not have a new Escalade.

I like Dan Pastorini and even though we may not see eye-to-eye on everything, I think he is well respected in the retired player community because of his advocacy on behalf of retired players. I emailed Dan a copy of this article before it was posted, just to make sure he was ok with my description of what transpired. He emailed me back saying it was “good.” 

Ron George said the NFL Alumni was taking steps to change the online registration in light of this situation.

I hope Dan will reconsider renewing his membership in the NFL Alumni.       






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  1. That’s the way to clarify a situation and respect what is truly being said. Way to go Jeff…check out the source of the statements…dig a little or a lot…
    It is so important to have integrity in communication especially with the organizations that are representing and reflecting the character of Former Players as they try to represent themselves to the group via the internet….The Voice of the Former Players needs to be one of integrity and Truth! Just thinks of the way Dan’s voice would have been distorted had Jeff not dug in…..there would have been a overtone of dissention rather that harmony because the NFL Alumni did cover the issue its just wasn’t widely known in the NFL Retired Player Population.
    Let’s not jump the gun………

  2. Always best to get it from the horses mouth, not 2nd or 3rd hand….chriis burford Thx!

  3. Nice that it all has been clarified. Now let’s all work together that all former players can get what we all rightly deserve. We all need to be unified as one. Let’s all work together for the common cause. Jeff, when can we separate our cause from the nflpa , which only serves the active players. Is it possible anytime soon or is there any movement that way? I would certainly hope so since it has been proven over and over that they do not care about the retired players. Please let me know. Thanks for your diligence and hard work.

  4. Now this is how to keep all well-informed. Thanks Jeff. Agree or not with a situation, it’s nice to know the facts.
    Dick and Jo Bielski

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