NBC’s Mike Florio “floors” retired NFL players

Mike Florio of NBC’s Pro Football Talk wrote an article today with a startling recommendation. He says that because Mike Vrabel has retired, the Brady plaintiffs’ should amend their complaint to include retired players.

Does he actually think that Mr. Vrabel can legitimately stand up in court and represent all retired players?

I wonder if Mike will decide to come out of retirement right out after the case is settled?  That would be a “sham” wouldn’t it?  That’s something Mike Vrabel and the NFLPA were accused of when they decertified the Union in order to allow active players to sue the NFL for anti-trust violations.

Whether it was a sham or not, it did give the Union more leverage in the CBA negotiations. Most retired players were ok with that -just as long as we had a voice in the discussions. Well, that hasn’t happened to our satisfaction, so we amended the Carl Eller complaint against the NFL to also include Mike Vrabel, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and the NFLPA – the organization that has boasted about giving retired players a voice.

They even went so far as to trademarked the saying: “One Team, One Lock Room, One Voice” as a way of rallying retired players to their case. 

Here is what Mr. Florio said in his article:  “Lawyer Michael Hausfeld, who represents the plaintiffs in the Carl Eller class action, explained on Friday’s PFT Live that his clients are in position to speak for the retired players because the Tom Brady class action has no plaintiffs who are retired players.

With one of the Brady plaintiffs — Mike Vrabel — reportedly retiring, the Brady class action now has that base covered.

And so the Brady plaintiffs immediately should file a motion for leave to amend the complaint to assert on behalf of Vrabel, and thus on behalf of all retired players, any and all claims that retired players may be able to assert.

Frankly, it’s still doubtful that retired players have any claims to assert. But to the extent that the Brady plaintiffs represent all current and former players, the Brady class can settle all claims without having to worry about the Eller plaintiffs screwing up the process.

Mr. Florio has written some favorable articles about the plight of retired players and he has been relatively fair and balanced in his coverage of the CBA negotiations, but there is one thing we must all keep in mind when we read the opinions of sports writers: They get paid for covering sports.  If there is no sport, they have no job. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that Mike has turned against the retired players who have dared to fight a system that has rewarded the active players and the owners – at the expense of retired players.

Where’s my proof.

In 2010 the NFL Pension Plan was put on the endangered list because it wasn’t being properly funded. Meanwhile, the Union and the post-1993 players were putting millions of dollars in their own pockets by establishing other retirement type benefits to the tune of $736 million annually.  A relatively small portion of that money covers pre-1993 retired player pensions and benefits.

Mr. Florio is encouraging the active players to abandon us.  He says WE are screwing up the process.

No Mr. Florio…………it is WE who are being screwed!       

Most retired players had no NFL Disability Plan, no Severance Pay Plan, no Health Reimbursement Account, no Tuition Assistance Reimbursement, no Player Performance-based Plan, no Minimum Salary Benefit, No Player Annuity Program, no Second Career Savings Plan, no five years of free medical coverage, no second medical opinion, no rules that protected players, no special helmets or special protective equipment, and no Pension for pre-1993 players with less than 4 years of service.

We played on crappy artificial turf that shortened our careers. We endured primitive surgical techniques and became the unintentional guinea pigs for today’s players. We were given drugs and treatments by team physicians that are now outlawed by the NFL and the AMA. We were denied water during practice and some players died of heat stroke. We had team physicians that were ordered to get us back on the field even though they knew we were injured and we were blackballed by the League for our union activities.

After being knocked unconscious, the team doctors held up three fingers and asked us how many we saw.  It didn’t matter what we said.  We read between the lines.  We only saw the middle finger.  That finger said get back in the game…….. or you’re screwed!

Mike Florio says we have no claim.

I just wish this jock sniffer had the guts to say something like that to the face of Conrad Dobler, Joe DeLamielleure, George Visger, Dave Pear, Elvin Bethea and the thousands of retired players that have given their blood for the enjoyment of the fans.  

Because we played – writers like Mr. Florio have a job.  Unfortunately, keeping that job may become more important to them then reporting the facts. In this case, the facts are very ugly, and the reporters and fans really don’t like to be reminded of the price we paid and the damage that’s been done to our bodies and minds.  Mike Florio wants to put us in the junkyard surrounded by a high fence – out of sight out of mind. There is no “Cash for Clunkers” program for retired players.

Yes, I’ve heard the argument that this is a sport we chose to play.  Does that mean we have to accept what has happened to many of us?   

The pioneer players of the NFL have never received anything without a fight and we are not going to stop now just because some sports reporter thinks we are “screwing up the process”. 

Now that Mike Vrabel has retired, Mr. Florio thinks he can be hoisted up as the representative of all retired players. I don’t like to swear, but you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me!

Here is what Mr. Vrabel will have when he retires:

  • $600,000 in his Second Career Savings Plan
  • $580,000 in his NFL Annuity Plan
  • $300,000 in his Health Reimbursement Account
  • $157,000 in his Severance Pay Account
  • $45,000 in his Tuition Assistance Account
  • $77,700 annually in his NFL Pension – $6,475 monthly at 55.
  • 5 Free years of medical insurance coverage for him and his family after retirement

This doesn’t include his salary which has averaged out to over 3 million per year over the past 5 years.

Let’s compare that to many of the Hall of Fame players that are receiving pensions that, in some cases, are less than $200 per month. And as for compensation, the salaries they made were less than the cost of surgeries that many had to pay for out of their own pockets. Many of the reitired players had no disability plan to speak of and no post career medical benefits that helped them recover from debilitating injuries.  

Does Mr. Florio really believe that Mike Vrabel would be a good representative of retired players, or is he just recommeding this legal manuever  as a way of jumping this new “retired player hurddle”?  I think we already know the answer to that question. 

One last thing. 

The United States Congress gave the NFL a waiver to act in violation of the anti-trust laws of our country.  That gives Congress the right to take it back if they don’t like the way that retired player are being treated. We have a few former players that are in Congress right now and we have other advocates like John Conyers and Linda Sanchez that will carry our water. If you don’t think they have the courage to act on our behalf, then watch this video: Congressional Hearing on Concussions.

Some national sports writers, like Mike Florio have turned against retired players for selfish reasons. They are now trying to convince the public that we are nothing more than an “obstacle” to getting a final agreement. In their eyes, we are frivolous……and so is our lawsuit.

Some of the sportswriters are working within the insulated walls of power – working for the people that are really pulling the strings. They write and talk about this being a battle between billionaire owners and millionaire players, but no one is talking about the men behind the curtain – their bosses, the trillionaire corporations that have the greatest amount of money to lose if there is no agreement.

GE owns NBC – where Mike Florio works. If you want to see how deep the rabbit hole of ownership goes, just click on this link: Assets owned by General Electric  Just look at how many of GE’s subsidiaries advertise their products on the networks and cable!

These companies have the largest vested interest in seeing the league up and running – fast. Sportswriters that work for them better fall in line before they find themselves in the unemployment line.

Let’s hope that others will find the courage to support what we are trying to accomplish for the men that have been forgotten by the League and the Union.

I have an email list of 4,000 retired players that will be receiving my rebuttal to Mike Florio’s article.

I would suggest that the next time Mike Florio is in the presence of older retired players, he wear a helmet………and not the flimsy kind that we wore that didn’t do much to protect us from the blows of the opposition.


About Jeff Nixon

Jeff was a first team consensus All-American from the University of Richmond in 1978. He is 7th in NCAA history with 23 career interceptions. Played for the Buffalo Bills 1979-1984. Led the team with 6 interceptions in Rookie Year. Holds Bills record for 4 takeaways in a single game - 3 interceptions and a fumble recovery. Tied Bills record with four consecutive games with an interception. After 5 knee surgeries Jeff retired from pro football in 1985. He worked for 13 years (1988-2000) as the Youth Bureau Director for Buffalo and Erie County. He has worked for the past 11 years as the Youth Employment Director for Buffalo. Plays guitar and was voted best R&B guitar player by Buffalo Nightlife Magazine in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

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  1. Excellent, Jeff. John Beasley

  2. That was a great write-up Jeff.

  3. You are an idiot. Your writing skills are feeble at best. Your paranoid ramblings are an embarassment. Your grasp of the negotiations and Florio’s position are pathetic. Worst of all, you don’t even understand that you have no legal claim to a place in the negotiations. Shut up and take what you are given. The public has sympathy for retired players at this juncture. The more articles written like this, the less that will be true. The two parties involved in the negotiations will give you what you deserve, which is far more than you are entitled to. So shut it.

    • Dear Sir, in defense of my friend Jeff and all the rest of my fellow players, we didn’t play the game to have to defend for ourselves in this manner, especially against people like you. I have friends that are retired professional baseball and basketball players who shake their heads on Monday mornings when they are headed to the golf course and realize that I am headed to work. You see, I have five kids, three that are graduated from major universities (K-State, Uconn, Uni. South Fla.) I assume you understand what kind of commitment that requires. If the money was not there, there would be no problem here, but that’s not the case. Every Sport takes better care of their retired players than our guys do us. No other sport (maybe boxing,hockey) has physical destructiveness on our level. I would put our profession, back in the day in the same category with the early Coal Miners. Guess what, we were consider National Hero’s. Who didn’t know Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, Joe “the Jet” Perry. The human body is simply not designed to play football.

      Sounds like either you have a good retirement plan for yourself, or you lost your high school sweetheart to a FOOTBALL player and his first name was Jeff. You need to get into an anger management course son, Thanks for your time jason…….

      • I never said the players shouldn’t be taken care of. I said they have no right, no entitlement to anything. I’m really sorry you have to work for a living, but that doesn’t mean you can stick up your former employers. And I don’t think Jeff has ever stolen anybody’s girlfriend, dad.

  4. I am just curious Mr. Nixon, since you were so active in the Union, did you argue for the players that came before you? What did you provide to Conrad Dobler, Joe DeLamielleure, George Visger, Dave Pear, & Elvin Bethea as part of the settlement in 1982? Did you ask for any of these: NFL Disability Plan, Severance Pay Plan, Health Reimbursement Account, Tuition Assistance Reimbursement, Player Performance-based Plan, Minimum Salary Benefit, Player Annuity Program, Second Career Savings Plan, five years of free medical coverage, second medical opinion, rules that protected players, special helmets or special protective equipment, and a Pension for pre-1982 players with less than 4 years of service? Did you take money out of your pocket in 1982, 1983, 1984 to fund those for the very players you claim to represent? Answer: NO.!! So I ask what does this make you?
    But now you see an opportunity to make more money for yourself so you now on the band wagon to help the very players you spurned when you were in the cue. I guess it is easier to take money away from the current players, because they make so much of it. You, along with all the other retired players, made the choice to play the game. You took advantage of all that was offered to you, the money and the special treatment. You did not consider the players before you, you only looked out for yourselves, and enjoyed your time at the pinnacle, and now you see what current players are making and believe your are entitled to even more. And if anyone might suggest that you do not have a legal right to more you threaten them “would suggest that the next time Mike Florio is in the presence of older retired players, he wear a helmet”. Reminds me of the days in school when the footballers threatened to beat you up if you did not do what they said. Good to know nothing has changed.

    And if you do not understand “legal right” that is the same as mommy and daddy saying “no”.

    Florio was very clear that he believes that both the current players and the NFL have a moral obligation to help retired players. In Florio’s own words “First, and as I’ve said many times, today’s players and owners have a clear moral obligation to take care of the men on whose shoulders they are currently standing.” I agree with Florio.

    But when you come out with your meat head / bullying comments it reminds me that really most retired players are getting what they deserve. Most of these players treated other people like “sh…T” when they were at the pinnacle. They squandered their money, blew off their education, and basically walked around with an attitude since I am special give me what I want. Now it has caught up to them, and you still come forward and say I am special give me…..

    You are not legally entitled, and if Congress uses blackmail to get the NFL to provide more funds then Congress will be acting like the teacher’s at most schools…giving the football players what they want….

    I hope the current players and the NFL honor their moral obligation, and do the right thing. Not because “they are entitled”, or because of meat head threats, but it is the right thing to do. As for you…I think your actions in 1982 speak for themselves.

  5. Your whole argument is predicated on the belief that the better deal that players get today should be retroactively given to you. Sorry, that is not how it works. You knew the demands of this game when you played. You knew the compensation you were going to receive. Nothing has changed. The league has become much more profitable. That has no bearing on your situation. You didn’t receive any stock options, therefore you have no interest in this new profitability. It is unfortunate that the league was not in the same state when yiu played, but that is all it is, unfortunate.

  6. Shocked by your ending.

    You were going strong until you threaten violence at the end. Seriously? You’re making a moral plea for the case of suffering players and your moral backing is that you’ll beat up someone for voicing their opinion. Wow. Pretty stupid. You lost all credibility with that.

  7. GE doesn’t own NBC, they are a minority shareholder and as such have no voice in the actions of the company. Comcast owns NBC. Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows this. I hope the retired players do get more consideration. I just hope they find a way to cut you out. You are ignorant and paranoid.

    • P.S. Congress works for the American people not you and your cronies. If I hear anything about them getting involved in this, I will not hesitate to call my representatives and tell them to put it back in their pants. Having a couple of players in a house of 435 does not give you the leverage you seem to think you have. Your while article is a joke. As I said before you have the support of the public, but if you disrupt the negotiating process you better before that will change in a heartbeat.

      • We have the support of the public? Not if you don’t get to see the active players pound the shit out of each other for your amusement! They will be in the same position we are in 10, 20, 30 years from now. They better understand that we are trying to improve disabilty benefits, medical services and a pension system that will be their for them when all their fame and fortune have evaporated. I was a first team All-American, 4th round pick in 1979. My first contract was for a whopping $30,000. I went on strike in 1982 and we shut down the season for 7 games in order to get second medical opinions, minimum wage scale, severance pay, surgeries performed by the doctors of our choice – not the team surgeon, pension increases, the right of the Union to obtain all player contracts and share that information with the players so we would not be blind when we went in to negotiate a new contract. The current players are all benefitting from those sacrifices we made. The Carl Eller litigation was all about retired players at least having a voice at the table. Is that too much to ask?

        “Fame is a vapor, riches take wings, the only thing that endures is character.”

  8. Mr. Nixon, your ludicrous article only goes to show that you have no CLUE about Mike Florio and the stance he’s taken. Why does it matter that your group has no actual person at the table, if the Brady class action has someone to represent you? Do you not think that Mike Vrabel would want to be taken care of as a retired player? Or is it that you want a bully pulpit to try to beat on people because you can??? I’m not even going to address the violence; that’s why today’s players and owners and FANS think some of you are neanderthals!!! I miss the old NFL, when people like you played!! I abhor the game today in many ways because the players don’t have to be real men to play it! I long for those nastalgia moments when Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, et al roamed the football fields like gods! But your article, your stance, your lawsuit, and your violent rhetoric disgust me! You need to get a clue, sir!

  9. Shocked by your ending.

    Let me remind you, Mr. Nixon, of you wrote June 17, 2011:

    “Legally speaking, they are right! But morally speaking they are dead wrong. ”

    So to be clear, you admit you have no legal standing.

    That means you agree with Florio.

    You should now proceed to apologize for your comments insinuating violence, and wrap your brain around the fact that you agree with Florio, and are just mad and acting childish because you’re not going to get what you want.

  10. Explain to all of us, who forced you to play? If the game was that “terrible” then you had the option of not playing and working a “regular” job, did you not? Sorry, dude, I was a TV cameraman for two and half decades and I need neck surgery, I have extensive nerve damage, and arthritis in my hips, knees, spine, and neck. I took the job. I did the job. I live with consequences. You’re a self centered, delusional ass.

  11. Ron Pritchard

    Jeff, don’t let these knuckle heads slow you down. It is clear there was no threat to anyone in your article. To me you were simply making a point! A course your angry and disappointed about any comments that take away from the pre-93ers plight. So am I. Sometime we use certain words or phrases to express ourselves and someone wants to jump on you asap. Thats ok, these guys have no clue of the battering we ex-pros took while building the NFL to what it is today. The comment about legalities, am not sure what that is, but I am sure of this, this is only about ethics and morals, period! NO ENTITLEMENTS. Do the right thing NFL owners, and all will be well! Ron Pritchard NFL 1969-1977

  12. ffootballontwitter

    I’ve known many pro football players who can’t walk straight, without pain, as a result of the years they left their blood and sweat on the field. Their cause is not helped by people who claim to speak on their behalf.

    Thanks to the Internet, anyone can cite statistics. So when I heard about the NFLPA and its dealings with Electronic Arts, I wondered who was speaking up for the retirees. When I read accounts of NFLPA leadership suggesting that the NFL is not “contributing a dime” to retirees, I wonder if they’re speaking to truth or if they’re trying to curry power. And when I read your words, and the veiled suggestion of violence, I don’t question your passion for your brothers-in-arms. But I do wonder how that stance actually helps anyone.

    See, I believe Ditka when he talks about the future of NFL retirees. The game has gotten more violent, and the potential of lifelong disabilities has gone up. At the same time, the sheer number of players who are entering or are about to enter their retirement years is about to go way up. I’m concerned that the NFLPA is considering moving away from a union organization and instead becoming a benefits custodian for former and current NFL players. I understand their influence will go up dramatically if they are actively managing benefits vs union dues. Just about everyone underestimates the cost of funding healthcare: GM went bankrupt for that reason.

    I would suggest you stop threatening people who are in your corner, who share your concern for retirees, and instead make sure the NFLPA is deadly serious about taking care of retirees.

  13. Shocked by your ending.

    I think you’re missing the “knuckle heads” point, Ron. In fact, it’s rather clear you’re not even on the same planet when you state you do not understand the “legalities” of the situation. The entire situation, Ron, is a legal situation. If you don’t understand that, then you can’t understand what’s being discussed. And if you really care about what’s going on, you would be well served to educate yourself on the legalities of the situation. Then you can actually informatively participate in the discussion.

    As for the law, while it can seem unfortunate that the it looks more to what is legally right than what is morally right, the only question on the table is the legal question. If you want to ignore that this is a legal issue and focus on the morals and ethics of the situation you are acting irrational. And to be clear, the legal issue is that lawsuit filed by Brady et al vs. the NFL. It is not the question of whether or not there should more adequate protection for the medical situation of pre1993 players. I believe that most fans believe that those players, such as yourself, surely do deserve to be taken care of. I most certainly do.

    If you want to champion the cause of players you played with and others that came before the more recent protections you or your organization should not do so in way that intentionally disrupt legal negotiations when you have no legal standing. That is a cheap tactics and only puts you in negative light. I and most others are with you when you ask the owners to do the right thing, as I believe they are the ones whom should be financially responsible for the irresponsible practices. But again, that is not the argument on the table.

    PS – You need to keep in mind that you didn’t serve your country, or serve anyone other than yourself when you played in the NFL. You don’t deserve people to “thank you” for your service. Whatever you sacrificed you did for your own self-gain.

  14. polishkingski

    reading stuff like this i can guarantee whatever sympathy the fans have for ex players will quickly dry up if more of the same gets posted on the net. you did not do anything you did not want to do. you could have worked a normal job but got use to being called “special” because you played football at the highest levels and decided to make a living doing so. you are not a martyr mr nixon. just a bitter man. ps, i fully support this countries unions.

  15. Jeff, you completely destroy your argument by implying (I won’t say “threatening” violence in the last sentence. Florio – a self-made guy if there ever was one, being a layer by training and a blogger by passion – is actually on your side. By attacking him, and threatening violence, you screw up your argument, emphasize the belief that the “old school” players are knuckleheads who were paid to hurt people, and continue the thought that the old players are just looking to get a slice of what is now a very big pie.

    I love football, and I love the old players, but you are not helping. You’re hurting. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Articles like this piss off the fans, and without us you are screwed, sir.

  16. Wow Jeff… Based on the immediate flurry of hateful, ill-informed, pro Florio shill responses… You must have stuck your finger in the eye of one really important angry piggy!!… How many negative football player stereotypes can these (paid?) hacks fit into one anonymous hack attack?… While I do agree that you/we should never even rhetorically/jokingly insinuate a violent act… No matter how silly… The rest of that blithering barrage was pure character assassination and completely ignored the facts you presented regarding Mike Vabrel’s gross unfitness as a representative of retired players and what a SHAM that would be…

    While there are a million (nine billion?) things that could/should be pointed out… The CRUX of the matter IMO is this: When we went on strike in 1987 and were (against the thoughts/wishes and overt will of many) focused largely on obtaining “free agency”… The older stars and lower status players who would never benefit directly from free agency were PROMISED that once the free agency pie was cracked open they would ALL benefit from increased pension and benefits down the road… At least 70% of those players who struck risking their notoriously short careers and relatively meager compensation never stood a chance of benefitting from the eventual obtainment of free agency in 1993… The ONLY way Mr Upshaw could rally the whole membership to strike in solidarity was to have the player reps (like myself) PROMISE that 70% membership that they would be compensated down the road… Upshaw expressly told us that free agency now and increased benefits down the road were NOT mutually exclusive… and I BELIEVED him… This is the strategy that we sold to the membership… This is why players with very little to gain went on strike for “free agency”….

    Once the pie cracked open and revenues grew EXPONENTIALLY… The promises were never kept… they took virtually EVERYTHING… Setting up separate pools of money with hundreds of millions of dollars for the benefit of post 93 players ONLY… While our benefits (maybe one fifth of baseball’s) remain to this day dangerously underfunded… They even reimbursed the lost severance pay from the strike/decertification to those post 93 players going forward (with free agency and improved benefits) but gave NONE to the men that had risked everything and actually fought their free agency battle… The one that has enriched so many…

    In short… Pre 93 players were PROMISED a piece of the pie… But once they lost their leverage… they got NOTHING…. While Upshaw and his cronies… The owners… And all post 93 players took virtually EVERYTHING… There is more than a “moral obligation” due the older players…

    There are a lot of older guys that will never live to see another CBA… They do not deserve this ridiculous spinning of reality… Time is running out… Does the truth even matter anymore?…

    Please people… Just Do the RIGHT THING…

    • The fitness of Vrabel to represent the retirees isn’t the issue. The issue is that the retirees should not have representation as they have nothing to offer in the negotiations. That is how negotiations work; the parties involved make offers to one another. The two groups should do what is right and create a package for past football players, but the notion that they have any right to demand compensation is ludicrous. Dismissing a group of people with a differing view as shills does not support your argument. It just plays into the same weak, paranoid babble presented in Nixon’s original article. People aren’t blindly following Florio. He just happens to represent the voice of logic opposed to your irrational foolishness.

    • Shocked by your ending.

      Did you get any of those promises in writing? Have any proof? Then you would have a legal claim.

      Without a legal claim you don’t sit at the table. But hearsay is fun to throw around.

      Further, only one person left a hateful comment. And even he admitted he had sympathy for the plight of players. So why don’t you go ahead and stop playing the victim of “anonymous hack attack.” (Which is a stunningly hilarious characterization of what is going on here.) Nearly everyone whom posted said they agree the retired players are owed greater benefits, but they don’t believe that means that get to participate in deciding the future of the league since they have no legal standing in the Brady case.

      If you want to put your intellectual powers to use consider how the author threatening violence might have colored the tone of the posters.

      Oh, also consider how “doing the right thing” is not the same as doing the lawful thing – AND THAT THIS IS LEGAL ISSUE IN BRADY ET AL. You are the one who comes off as the ill-informed poster when you think that moral standing equates to legal standing.

  17. Harvey Salem – Who forced you to play football if the deal was such a bad one? If Upshaw and “his cronies” defrauded you, why didn’t you seek legal remedy at the time? The man has been DEAD for three years! “Does the truth even matter anymore?” Sure it does. The truth is no one forced you to play football. Hundreds of jobs are dangerous and cause physical and psychological damage and those people earn pennies in comparison to NFL players and don’t get dime one when it’s over. I’m sure coal miners, migrant workers, steel workers, etc., are weeping for you tonight! If you were defrauded, it was YOUR obligation to seek action in the courts. Finally, who decided you and Jeff “better wear a helmet” Nixon get to speak for an entire class of players? To quote Jeff – “you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me!”.

  18. Abe, I’d like to buy you a burger sometime. How can we hook up my friend. Earl Edwards/13 year vet. Just enough CASH TO GET THAT BURGER FOR YOU, BUT I’M WILLING TO SHARE.

  19. Go Jeff. Keep the gloves off! We are so beat up and beat down as a group we need your voice and energy. Thank you! Ed

  20. I think the owners will come through for what is the right thing to do..its a shame that the player assoc. and player agents appear to not give a rip about pre 93 ors…and many men whose carrers where shortened by injury…

  21. Shocked by your ending.

    What I want most of you retired players to know is that everyone I know is on your side, and so is most of the internet from what I can tell. We just don’t agree with how the class of players is inserting themselves into the process through the lawsuit. But in terms of the general cause to get greater benefits we are with you!

    I think that there are many other ways for the Alumni Assoc. to draw attention to the cause, that would be significantly more successful. Please organize and put more public pressure on the people with the purse strings. It is disgusting the medical care we hear some retirees receive — organize and give the rational fans of the game something to rally behind.


  23. Hey Retirees:

    This is so simple——-SCREW JASON!!! NOW LET’S MOVE ON.

  24. Jeff,

    That was an intense read… thought this site was for players only? Apparently not! Jeff… thanks for all the information you bring to us. I struck in 82 and 87. I never benefited from free agency. The money I lost during these strikes was a sacrafice that my family and I made for the team. Better pensions and benefits in the future was the hope for all players. This was a Union leadership promise at the time.

    Look forward to seeing you at the Upstate New York “Caring for Kids” Golf Tournament. Thank you for donating your time to help our community raise some money for Charity. See you soon.

    Once again thank you for all you do

  25. Jeff- Thanks again for your timely and extremely informative information regarding our fight for an increased pension and benefits package. You took the gloves off and addressed our plight fairly, honestly and with a firm resolve to see our demands realized and not forgotten like in the past. Retirees are an integral part of the NFLPA, and not old memories from Topps cards.!

  26. Fred urly Morrison

    There is a lot of talk about the pre 1993 players. What about the pre 1959 players?

    How many of us are still alive, and what is being done for that group? Fred Curly Morrison

  27. Jeff, WOW, can anyone take a joke? Holy intensity, I thought from reading the responses that you not only “THREATENED”, but, actually did bodily harm to someone, PLEASE. Give me a break, you wouldn’t hurt a fly, what is all the ruckus about? Players only please or lighten up when you see something that is obviously not SERIOUS.
    Keep up the great cause Jeff, you are doing a great job, I wish the others knew you like I did.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Joe Bock

  28. NFLPA says they represent us, NFL Management says they represent us.. we’re just making sure someone…… (US Congress judiciary is already aware)… represents us fairly.

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